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              Product Selection



              Blood pressure monitor

              Established in 2001, Famidoc is dedicated in designing, manufacturing and selling family health and baby care products. Our vision is to improve human being life quality by providing affordable, convenient and reliable health care products to more families around the world. Our products include infrared thermometer, digital thermometer, anti-lice electronic comb, abdominal fitness belt, arm blood pressure monitor, ultrasonic nebulizer, TENS & EMS stimulator, etc.
              Our products are approved by CE 1639 and FDA 510 ( K ) and Domestic Class Ⅱ medical devices registration approval, All raw materials and manufacturing process comply with ROHS requirement. We have years-experience of OEM / ODM service in home healthcare industry. We are always welcoming professional you to join us to win a better future.

              Activity column

              Health Management Center

              Will continue to provide you with the health of your family to help the knowledge, for our common good wishes
              Tomorrow's health, starting today

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